Reliable operation and excellent ride comfort

The VLT® Lift Drive is designed to provide reliable operation and excellent ride comfort for a minimum of 2.1 million cycles when running at an ambient temperature of below 45°C. Ideal for new projects or for retrofits, it operates without motor contractors and can be quickly and easily commissioned in less than 10 minutes.

Designed for all motors, including asynchronous, induction, permanent magnet, copper rotor and direct online PM motors, the VLT Lift Drive is suitable for both traction and hydraulic lifts in open- or closed-loop systems.

The compact design and intelligent cooling concept means it easily fits even into small installation spaces. And a range of built-in features eliminates the need for extra components. Scalable RFI filters minimize electromagnetic interference, integrated DC chokes suppress harmonics while ensuring the drives meet relevant EMC standards, and step-up, step-down transformers are not required.

Supply voltages and power range

  • 380-400 V…4-55 kW

Features and benefits

Travel comfort is enhanced thanks to a range of noise-reducing features

Energy savings can be achieved as cooling fans run only when absolutely necessary

The drive is quick and easy to commission as it fits all common feedback systems and there are just 10 parameters to set

The drive operates reliably in harsh conditions due to specially coated circuit boards

Components remain firmly in place in environments with high degrees of vibration thanks to the ‘ruggedized’ version