Strong torque performance

Stronger than or equal to competitors in terms of strong low-speed torque performance, high torque performance in all areas.

  • Auto torque boost 200% 3Hz
  • Sensorless vector control 200% 1Hz

Instantaneous Interruption

Energy Buffering Operation

When instantaneous interruption occurs, regeneration energy induced by load inertia is used to keep DC link voltage and go down motor speed. In this way, normal operation is made possible when power is on again.

Droop Control

To drive the same load, the product responds to the torque change in each of multiple motors to control a speed and to enable each motor to keep an even load.

Overcurrent Limit Performance

Even in the case of step load, it is possible to control output current smoothly and keep output frequency constantly.

Overvoltage Limit Performance

In the case of regular occurrence of regeneration load, it is possible to increase the output frequency of motor in regeneration zone and control DC link voltage rise.

PLC Function

PLC program runs for repeated operation from beginning step to last step in accordance with work procedure.

Through simple input/output sequence control, it is possible to run without any external device.

PID Control

The automatic control function ‘PID control’ makes it possible to adjust proportional, integral, and di erential gains so as to implement flexible and precise control.

It is applied to compressor, hydraulic pump, and other feedback systems.

LCD Operator

Graphic LCD supports various information display on the screen and easy to use the button for operation.

  • Multi-language support
  • Schedule operation through timer (RTC)
  • Connect to PC by USB port

Fieldbus Option

  • Built in RS-485 1 port
  • Ethernet Type– Modbus-TCP, Ethernet/IP, Pro net-IO
  • Serial Type – Pro bus DP, DeviceNet

Extended I/O

  • Extended Input/Output
  • Analog Input 2ea, Digital Input 2ea
  • Analog Output 2ea, Digital Output 2ea

Encoder Option

  • Encoder I/F (Vector Control)
  • Open Collector/Line Drive Type
  • Supply Voltage 5/12V

DC Choke

  • Built-in DC Choke for 30~132kW drives
  • Improve the operation reliability of connected external devices by reducing harmonics
  • Connect the power source without AC reactor by improving the power factor

Built-in EMC Filter

  • Built-in EMC  lter to reduce the noise
  • Standard 61800-3 C3 (Class A) – Conform CE certi cation

Safety Function

  • Embedded safety function meets safety standards.
  • Easy to  t the safety standard of system level by built-in safety function with conforms EN ISO 13849-1 PLd and
  • EN 61508 SIL2 (EN60204-1)
  • Safety function provides reliable protection, space-saving and cost reduction by removing external protection device.

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