Strong torque performance

Stronger than or equal to competitors in terms of strong low-speed torque performance, high torque performance in all areas.

Overvoltage Limit Performance

In the case of regular occurrence of regeneration load, it is possible to increase the output frequency of motor in regeneration zone and control DC link voltage rise.

Overcurrent Limit Performance

Even in the case of step load, it is possible to control output current smoothly and keep output frequency constantly.

External Brake Control Function (for Lift)

When using external brakes, such as the lift system, it provides safe and elaborated control for all variables, and the operation speed can be changed depending on the load.

KEB (Kinetic Energy Buffering) function

The KEB function maintains the DC voltage by control the inverter speed during the power failure period, thereby helping maintain the interval between the instantaneous outage and the low voltage trip for a longer time.

The KEB function helps to keep user’s facilities safe from any power failure situation.

RS-485 Communication (2 Channel)

Two channels of Modus RS-485 communications provide two-way multiple access and multiple inverters integrated operation and monitoring with minimal control wiring and cost savings.

Extended Cooling Fan Life

The cooling fan on/off function allows more efficient use of the cooling fan.

This feature helps you take longer cooling fan replacement cycles than before.

User V/F

User can randomly set the required V/F ratio according to the motor.

User can use following parameters to obtain a suitable V/F pattern for a special motor.

Droop Control

To drive the same load, the product responds to the torque change in each of multiple motors to control a speed and to enable each motor to keep an even load.

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